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Most Frequently Asked Questions

An ATM adds convenience to your business and will attract more customers, which subsequently will increase your overall revenue! Call us today and we can go over the different ATM programs that we have tailored made for whatever your needs may be.
It is very simple. Apply, and a member from our sales team will pay you a visit.
Our ATMs are bolted to the ground by our professional installation team with years of experience. Extra security measures may be provided in unique situations.
Studies show about .04-.06% of consumers that walk past a ATM will be inclined to use it. In other cases, your customers may have a need for cash for various reasons. By adding that convenience your business will be a preferred business for customers to frequent.
Money Factory is responsible to load the machine with our cash and monitor it so it does not run out of cash. We take care of everything in regards to the ATM while you focus on growing and running your business.
Money Factory is solely responsible for any problems, issues or repairs that may occur with the ATM. Our licensed and experienced technicians preform regular maintenance on our ATMs.
Yes, we provide temporary ATM service for various types of events. We will arrive prior to your event, set up the ATM, confirm that it is working and a technician will remain at the event to monitor the ATM so that you do not have to worry about the ATM ever being out of service for the duration of your event!
None at all! We pride ourselves by being completely transparent with our customers. The free ATM program is exactly that FREE! No hidden fee’s, no hidden obligations, NOTHING!
Absolutely! Credit Card companies are making a killing off the fee’s! Why should you give away a portion of your profits to a company that is not putting in the work to make it? Studies show that 30% of the money withdrawn from an ATM is usually spent at that business. It will increase the overall revenue of the business and also lower your credit card fee’s!
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