Buying an ATM is an excellent way to increase revenue and foot traffic. The thought of owning an ATM can seem tedious and complicated but Money Factory ATM is here to make the process seamless. We will provide you with a free interactive site to track your ATM operations, install, program and train you how to use the ATM free of charge!

Please ask about our extended warranty which includes Free ATM Parts for the life of the contract.


Free Paper for the life of the contract

Free installation

Free programming

Free training

Free customer support

free interactive site

You receive 100% of the surcharge

1-year warranty on parts

Hoe Does It Work

When you purchase an ATM you are responsible for loading ATM with your own cash. In the ATM Industry a business day is 3pm to 3pm EST. So any cash withdrawn within those hours will be deposited to the account provided on the following business day. So for example the cash withdrawn from your ATM Wednesday 3pm to Thursday 3pm will be deposited to your bank account on Friday morning. All cash withdrawn from Thursday 3pm to Sunday 3pm will be deposited to your bank account Monday Morning.

The surcharge fee amount will be set, increased/decreased at your discretion and will be deposited to the account you provide either daily or monthly by the 10th of every month. Our customers have more often found it easier to track their ATM revenue by receiving one deposit monthly. You will be able to view all your activity and deposit history on your online portal.

Lease An ATM

The purchase of an ATM sometimes can be costly but we offer a leasing option for those who still want to operate their own machine and receive most of the surcharge revenue. Money factory will provide you with free paper, 1-year warranty, free installation, free programming and free training. At the end of the agreement you will have the option to purchase the ATM for a rebated price or give it back at no obligation to you! Money Factory can lease a machine to you at some of the most competitive rates in the Industry!

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